Foster 26

Purple Jewel Corp has incorporated a much-needed approach for handling abuse, neglect, and misery from the Foster Care System under DFAC. Foster 26 is a Foster Care program for up to 26 days where we will support Foster Care overflow in Georgia and Florida. The strategic architect of the Foster Care division called Foster 26 is for Safe Housing/OverFlow. This proposal would be under the Brave Survivors Program. When a child is not able to safely remain in the care of their biological parents if available relatives can step in to provide the stability they need during a difficult time. These arrangements are often called Kinship Care. However, when no one in the family exists, they enter the Foster Care system subject to mental, physiological, physical, and oftentimes sexual abuse. Purple Jewel can fill those gaps by providing a support system for youth to experience love, hope, and stability.


Here are some of the numbers to show the disparities recorded by Child Welfare Outcomes Raw Data Georgia at  


In 2020, children subject of an investigated report alleging child maltreatment in 121,595 cases, 48.6 per 1000 foster children
In 2020, 8690 foster children in Georgia reported are from Maltreatment victims
In 2020, Child Maltreatment was 3.4 out of every 1000 85 cases die at the hands of foster home parents.
In 2020, reported according to the Race/Ethnicity of foster care children, 39.7% of the Foster Children population
In 2020, reporting the damage caused by maltreatment of foster children by Maltreatment Types of Child Victims Neglect 68.5%, Emotional abuse 26%, Medical neglect 2.9%, Physical abuse 12.9%, and Sex abuse 12.8%
Division of Family Services Statistics for the State of Georgia indicates for The State of Georgia has approximately 11,438 children in foster care

The Department of Human Health Services of Georgia found that 18,449 children were in the foster care system on average at any point in time. In recent news in August 2022, Channel 46 News did a special investigation story written by Ciara Cummings on August 15, 2022 at
Ciara uncovered true allegations of crime, fights, and drugs; abuse is prominent in office hoteling of kids in local DFACS custody. The police who respond to calls at the offices, to the teens housed there; and the staff who say they were ill-equipped, Fulton DFCS offices were repeatedly turned into homes, which inspectors confirm were unfit for living in the first place. In some cases, CBS46 Investigates found there was blowup mattress on office floors; in others, blankets became make-shift beds or cots. CBS46 investigates confirmed kids as young as 12 had been housed in at least one county office.

This has been an escalating problem in Georgia for the last eight years since 1994. In 1994, Georgia Public Policy Foundation found that In l994, Georgia reported 63,721 victims of child abuse and neglect, of whom twenty-six died as a result. Seventy-seven percent of the perpetrators were the victim’s parents, and 12% were other relatives and caretakers. Thirty-seven children in Georgia died at the hands of their parents, relatives, or another caretaker in l995. (Sixteen of the 37 deaths due to child abuse and neglect were confirmed, while the remaining 21 deaths were suspected of having resulted from child abuse and neglect.) It is an obvious need for Foster Care support and Purple Jewel can help fill these gaps with the Brave Survivors that has been operating for 12 years.