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Purple Jewel Lands Google Non Profit Grant. 

For Immediate Release

Atlanta, Georgia 10/22/2019- The Purple Jewel Corporation was just awarded the much-lauded Google Non-Profit Grant. Kathleen Reynolds, the director of the Purple Jewel says, “This grant will go a long way in helping with the healing process for child survivors of Domestic Violence.” “We now have the much-needed resources to reach survivors, donors, volunteers, and students looking to intern with a nonprofit that is serving one of America’s many needs.” “To the cool people at Google, thank you!”

The grant means a lot as it will help with the marketing efforts of Purple Jewel. Nonprofit organizations depend heavily on donors and volunteers to serve their audience and this is a step in the right direction of accomplishing the mission. 

Local Digital Marketing Business  My Basic LLC instantly saw how the grant could help with The Purple Jewel’s mission and went to work to land the funds. Steward says, “It was hard work but in the end, we accomplished what we set out to do and the results are rewarding. We’re elated Kathleen and her team can do even more to help America’s children.”  

As mentioned on Purple Jewel’s website It is estimated that between 8 million and 15 million children are exposed to adult domestic violence each year. Alarming statistics like these are what led to the “Brave Survivors” project – designed by The Purple Jewel Corp to bring awareness to children who have been in such traumatic situations and lost one or both parents. The mental and emotional impact domestic violence has on a “Brave Survivor” and their ability to function effectively in society is something that is not fully understood.

Domestic violence is happening around us. It happens behind closed doors; in homes, we would never suspect. But we don’t stand by, we stand up, and we hope you will join us in the fight.

For more information on Purple Jewel and ways you can volunteer or donate please visit:  


Kathleen Reynolds 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (404) 510-4312


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