Our Story:

Based in Marietta, Georgia and created to help “Extinguish the Rage” of domestic abuse and domestic violence, the Purple Jewel Corporation is dedicated to providing support to women by way of referral services. Our goal is to improve the quality of their lives by connecting with other shelters and continuing to educate people and create more awareness of domestic abuse and domestic violence.


We strongly believe in offering attainable resources for those who need it most. We believe that as we release a positive flow of love, hope, and stability that we bridge the gap so no one is rendered invisible, nor will they be left behind. The damage done to a victim is sometimes invisible to the average person, and without help they might suffer for a lifetime. We want to be that help.


The Purple Jewel Corporation will increase inclusiveness by providing Civic Engagement and Community Building Opportunities that bring awareness to this problem being faced in our communities and around the globe.


We encourage you to join us in this fight against domestic abuse and domestic violence. We offer a variety of ways to get involved, including events that can be found on our calendar or by contributing monetarily through our donate now page.



Make a Donation Now!

Help us reach more “Brave Survivors!” Our reach only goes further with your help. To meet our goal of educating local communities on the effects of domestic violence and to reach all those in need, we require your generous donations. If you can, please donate today. Remember, every contribution – big or small – counts and can be the difference needed in the life of a child.