About Us

It is estimated that between 8 million and 15 million children are exposed to adult domestic violence each year. Alarming statistics like these are what led to the “Brave Survivors” project – designed by The Purple Jewel Corp to bring awareness to children who have been in such traumatic situations and lost one or both parents. The mental and emotional impact domestic violence has on a “Brave Survivor” and their ability to function effectively in society is something that is not fully understood. At Brave Survivors, we believe that there is far more education to be done on these experiences and their effects, and we want to join the effort to educate people.

Our goal is to engage effected children in an array of ways including but not limited to, providing positive role models, and mentoring activities, while supporting and empowering these heroic children and reminding them that they truly are “Brave Survivors.”

Domestic violence is happening around us. It happens behind closed doors; in homes we would never suspect. But we don’t stand by, we stand up, and we hope you will join us in the fight.

Make a Donation Now!

Help us reach more “Brave Survivors!” Our reach only goes further with your help. To meet our goal of educating local communities on the effects of domestic violence and to reach all those in need, we require your generous donations. If you can, please donate today. Remember, every contribution – big or small – counts and can be the difference needed in the life of a child.